By: Abhishek Dabas & Abhijit Krishna Menon
The Goal
The goal of this book is to help anyone with an interest of exploring what causal inference is and bring them up to speed with what the current “State of The Art” is just through this one resource. We want to show how Causal Inference is not a different path toward Artificial Intelligence but an important aspect of the same pipeline that involves statistical inferences.
The Audience
We try to target the audience which is beginning to learn about Causal Inference. This book will give you an overview starting from the origin of the field to the implementation of causal inference in the industry. The book will give you a pretty good introduction to causal Inference, which can give you a pretty good opening to the world of causality.
  • Knowledge about concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models
  • Understanding of Probabilistic and statistical Theories
  • Interest in understanding Causal Inference.