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About AISkunkWorks

Why be a part of this awesome community?

  • Big Data Analysis: Crunching data to avoid fatal failures with an accurate forecast
  • Speaker Series: Listen and learn from leading industry experts
  • Collaborative Research: No ship was built by a single man, teamwork is dreamwork
    Community support: Be a part of a great community with like-minded people who share the same idea as you
  • Mentorship: Get in touch with experienced professionals and build a strong network in the industry
  • Hackathons: Design, Build, Break, and test your ideas. Rome was not built in one night

Experience a new age of intelligence

AI Skunkworks at Northeastern University is a group of people who research and develop Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning projects primarily for the sake of innovation and learning. We provide open-mic, mentorship, workshops, seminars, hack-a-thons, and events that assist those exploring the edges of AI.

Our Approach

Eager to take up any and every challenge


Our Mission

Research and develop Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning projects primarily for the sake of innovation and learning

Our Vision

Learn AI by doing AI

Nik Bear Brown

Nik Bear Brown

Founder & Mentor

Assistant Professor in Engineering at Northeastern University and have taught computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, programming, 3D visual effects, web programming, server administration, networking, and game programming at Northeastern University, UCLA, Santa Monica College, ITT, and the Art Institutes – Hollywood. He did his PhD in computer science from UCLA

Shesh Narayan

Shesh Narayan


11+ years of experience in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data mining with large datasets of Structured and Unstructured Data, Data Acquisition, Data Validation, Predictive Modeling, Data Visualization, and descriptive & prescriptive analytics. Experienced in Python, Java, and SQL. Expert in executing agile principles (e.g. Scrum), facilitating workshops, automating repetitive tasks, prototyping, text Analytics, and generating data visualizations using Python, PowerBI, and Tableau

Saad Ghojaria

Saad Ghojaria

Web Admin

 Data-loving candidate who has worked with data and enjoys playing with it. 
A person who loves to explore technologies and learn them. Currently working under the research The use of real-time 3D to generate procedural data – the rendering of games, cinematics, and images with shader-based labeling have the potential to revolutionize computer vision