Gauguin is a project with five objectives:

    • To automate EDA

      To create a python based AutoEDA tool similar to the many AutoML frameworks where a user uploads some data selects a target of interest and the tool creates thousands of visualizations giving insight into the data ranked by interestingness

    • GauguinViz

      Post-Impressionism has an emphasis on symbolic content, formal order, and structure. The idea is to create a picture that reflects the essence of something. This is a research-oriented sub-project interested in creating novel visualizations and extending existing graphs and algorithms to visualize abstract ideas like bias or confounders in data. These novel visualizations are part of a python library called Gauguin

    • Gauguin Bot and Data Journalism Database

      To create a python-based bot to gather social media data visualizations. The web bot will find data visualizations and their data sources and annotate them. A neural network will be used to classify images according to their type

    • website

      The website is intended and a portal and community for those interested in data visualization research

    • GauguinDesigner

      The idea is to use a data set and a target or an existing graphic and have the tool to make design suggestions